DIVA 2023

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Color: Obsidian Black + CODE 24C Limited (+429 USD)

Founder's Cable Recommendation

The strength of DIVA lies in the highs, particularly the vocals. To achieve a sweet level of balance, Mr Lee's cable choice for pairing would be EFFECT AUDIO's CODE 24C Limited. This cable features EFFECT AUDIO's signature Trio-Flex™ Pure Solid Core System alongside a pure copper material composition. This cable promises not just impressive sub-bass performance that still retains impressive vocal response, but quicker & cleaner sound processing speed as well, making it perfect in complimenting the DIVA 2023.

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Experience Top-Quality Performance with our Latest Tuning

Featuring a 6 Balanced Armature Driver setup with an enhanced four-way crossover for more precise performance. With a professional acoustic team, the tuning and crossover of the DIVA 2023 have been redesigned with 2nd generation Crossover circuit. The drivers are adjusted for crisp and precise performance. This second-gen crossover takes the full benefit of each driver unit delivering top-quality performance with lower distortion and clearer background.

Enhanced and Brand New Technology

The DIVA 2023 has received an upgrade in the internal wiring. The pair features new custom UPOCC Copper and Silver Litz material wiring. High-quality wiring ensures quality signal transmission delivering pure and clean sound.

It also features a three-way rotating bass switch, allowing you to control the amount of bass the pair is delivering. Adjust it based on your listening preferences or different levels for different music genres.

Stunning Colors and Designs

You will have the option to choose from three stunning color designs for DIVA 2023. Lapis Blue, Obsidian Black and Ruby Red.

Experience Vocals That are Out of This World

Powerful vocal abilities, confident stage composure, and inherent star potential - these are traits characteristic of a typical diva. One that is easily likable and sure to win many hearts over. Tag along DIVA and let her show you her world, one that is filled with glamor and extravagance.

2023 Upgrades


Generation 2 crossover PCB circuit

Internal Wiring Upgrade - New custom strand UPOCC Copper and Silver Litz material


IMPROVED Ergonomic Form Factor


Upgraded new Stainless Steel Material

New packaging design


Diva - The Songstress

*Each and every piece of Diva is handcrafted by Lee himself, Founder of Elysian Acoustic Labs


6 Balanced Armature Drivers


4-way Crossover

High Quality Internal Wiring from JAPAN


3 way bass rotating switch

Frequency Response



100db @ 100mV @ 1khz


4ohms @ 1khz


Effect Audio Ares S