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The Songstress



Experience Elysian’s Award Winning House Tuning with every piece handcrafted by our founder himself.

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DiVe Pass System

The only tribid IEMs with IEM chambers designed to reduce air pressure and improve clarity, definition and reduce phase misalignment

3D AccuPost System

Elysian’s Mastercraft Chamber design presents notes with exact precision positioning and pristine accuracy

Sonion EST Drivers

Masterfully tuned to produce ethereal highs


Drivers Tribrid Configuration


4 Way Crossover


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7 Drivers Tribrid Configuration

  • 1 x Foster Dynamic Driver
  • 2 x Electrostatic Tweeters
  • 4 x Balanced Armature Drivers

6 Balanced Armature Drivers

4 Drivers Hybrid Configuration

  • 1 X 9.2mm LSR DD
  • 1 X Sonion 2300 BA
  • 2 X Sonion E50 BA
Technological Highlights
  • DiVe Pass System
  • 3D Accupoint System
  • New Metal Sound Bore
  • 3-way Bass Switch
  • Generation 2 4-way Crossover
  • New Custom Internal Wiring
  • LSR Bass Driver
Sonic Character
  • Ethereal Highs
  • Immersive Full-bodied Sound
  • Grand Presentation
  • Intoxicating Vocals
  • Punchy Low End Presentation
  • Clean and balanced sound
  • Bright, Lively Vocals
Available Colors
  • Gold-Plated Copper
  • Spin Brushed Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lapis Blue
  • Obsidian Black
  • Ruby Red



The path to excellence started off in 2015 with anger at the inadequacies of the IEM options of the era. Out on a quest to reinvent what sound means to him, Mechanical Engineer Lee Quan Min took it upon himself to refurbish an old Ultimate Ears TripleFi10. Upon gaining public interest from local hobbyists, Lee started providing reshell services and thus accumulation experience along the way.



Elysian Acoustic Labs was incorporated by Lee in 2016 to officially receive reshell orders. After reshelling countless IEMs, Lee is more than ready to take on what seemed impossible at that point in time - a totally self-crafted IEM with his very own house sound, something very different from the mass out there. From the persistence of pursuing audio excellence, Lee managed to achieve the Elysian he is looking for.



The breakthrough happened in the Japanese market, merely 1 year into actively honing the craft. Followers after followers came with reshell services and the introduction of Elysian's initial batch of IEMs carrying a unique house sound. Elysian participated in the 2019 Fujiya Avic X Foster Alliance Program IEM making competition and easily defeated its competitors, earning itself the revered First Place award. With this opportunity, Lee gathered much understanding for the Foster driver and created his innovative Dive Pass system to control the driver.

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