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Dark Sophistication


Fall to a dark mirror realm with PILGRIM:NOIR, where shadows weave with power to craft an auditory experience like no other. This collaboration with ELYSIAN ACOUSTIC LABS embodies our commitment to the pinnacle of quality, innovation and design.


Doubling up with dual mid drivers with the exclusive Hypercore Twin Thrust Module and featuring a new 4-way crossover design, alongside a bespoke EFFECT AUDIO internal wiring mix and custom cable, you can expect the PILGRIM:NOIR to provide a more sophisticated, smoother and seductive sound compared to the PILGRIM. Keeping the ELYSIAN signature house sound, PILGRIM:NOIR continues to give center stage to what makes the heart flutter - the soul stirring potency of a human’s voice. 


Dive into the full premium experience that PILGRIM:NOIR offers. 

PILGRIM:NOIR comes with TermX 3.5mm or TermX 4.4mm

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

Elysian's tuning can never go wrong! I love how it emphasises vocals to bring the music to life whenever I put on the Pilgrim. Hearsay, it's as good, or even better than the Gaea...

Snake Oil

Just add overpriced cable with random driver configuration

Preamble: An Alternate Path

He starts his pilgrimage through this mystic land
Guided by a bright ethereal light at its end
Yet, an odd reflection on the ground catches his eye
Drawn in, the world blurs - into a realm that defy

Falling, total darkness engulfs him into an abyss so deep
Below, Greek hymns ascend, secrets they sacredly keep
Enveloped in such power, thick and profound
Entranced by voices so close, he remains in their magical bound

Experience Elysian’s Award-Winning House Tuning

PILGRIM - The well-loved champion of the sub $400 IEM.

That’s not the end though. We thought we could do even better. We worked tirelessly with Effect Audio to make no compromises in the development of the best sub $1,000 IEM available on the market.

That’s it. That’s our PILGRIM:NOIR.

Retaining the addictive 9.2mm LSR Dynamic Driver from the original PILGRIM, capable of delving into the sub-bass regions as low as 10Hz—doubling the depth achievable by conventional PET drivers—PILGRIM:NOIR distinguishes itself with many other enhancements.

Tuning Concept

EFFECT AUDIO and ELYSIAN ACOUSTIC LABS have collaboratively tuned PILGRIM:NOIR into a version that's smoother, more sophisticated, and more seductive than the original PILGRIM. This enhanced edition, PILGRIM:NOIR, seamlessly marries soul-stirring musicality with the distinct ELYSIAN House Sound.

PILGRIM:NOIR's tuning strategy focuses on a harmonious mix of strength and delicacy, resulting in a sound that is now both more powerful and polished. Vocals undoubtedly take center stage, presented with an organic clarity that captures the essence of intense intimacy and breadth. Its expansive soundstage is meticulously crafted, granting each musical component its rightful place, thus ensuring an enveloping listening experience. Excelling in a broad spectrum of genres, from the soulful nuances of R&B to the vibrant energy of Rock and Pop, PILGRIM:NOIR stands as the pinnacle choice for audiophiles seeking unparalleled sound quality.


With the PILGRIM:NOIR, we have introduced three new technologies alongside other upgrades:

1. The exclusive Hypercore Twin Thrust Module enhances midrange sound reproduction.

2. The new Undamped Tubeless Knowles Balanced Armature ensures an exceptionally smooth high-frequency response.

3. An additional crossover is added to a new 4-way crossover design.

4. Upgraded the internal wiring.

5. Upgraded custom Eros S stock cable alongside a full suite of premium accessories.

Expect a more refined experience that offers a sophisticated, smooth, and seductive sound.

Full Suite of Premium Upgrades

Besides changes made to the PILGRIM:NOIR,

We included other upgrades such as a custom Eros S stock cable from Effect Audio, made of pure copper and pure silver, offering an impeccably warm sound that is engaging and yet crystal clear to round off the PILGRIM:NOIR experience.

Accompanied by an exquisite suede leather case in the same black, carefully crafted to resemble the contours of luxury jewelry containers, it provides a safe and accessible storage for you to enjoy music anywhere.

Topped off with Medical Grade Spinfit W1 Eartips, the innovative W-shaped Design is specifically chosen to enhance the noise-canceling function.

Aesthetic Design

PILGRIM:NOIR's faceplate design philosophy is inspired by the legendary master architect Zaha Hadid's radical deconstructivist design. This embodies the serene topography of knolls, with each layer purposefully reflecting the gentle, rolling hills, reminiscent of the pilgrim's initial ELYSIAN journey through peaks and valleys in search of enlightenment. A darker matte black color choice represents an alternate path, differing from the bright and white original PILGRIM, each with its own quest for audio nirvana.

PILGRIM:NOIR - Dark Sophistication


4 Drivers Hybrid Configuration

1 × 9.2mm LSR Dynamic Driver for Lows

2 × Sonion Balanced Armatures for Low-Mid and Mid-High

1 × Knowles Balanced Armatures for Highs


4-Way Crossover


LSR Bass Driver

Frequency Response



103db @1khz @100mV


8.3Ohms @1khz


Custom Effect Audio Eros S - Selected Premium UP-OCC Pure Copper Litz and Pure Silver Litz Hybrid