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EFFECT AUDIO's Cadmus 4W was Lee's choice of pairing with the PILGRIM. Part of the renowned Signature Series, this cable features a Silver-Plated Copper material build & Septuplet Multi-Sized Core Bundle, enhancing the clarity & resolution of sound without the harshness, whilst keeping the bass bold but controlled.

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Bad Process

Ordered at Canjam SG 2024, still hasn’t arrived until now, while people at hifi.org had received them

Experience Elysian’s Award-Winning House Tuning

Heard all the rave about the legendary ANNIHILATOR and its sister DIVA? We’ve unpacked what makes these 2 products special and cramped them into a small compact starter IEM. This is what exceptional Lows, Mids and Highs should be like, no compromises should be made even at a lower price point.

That’s it. That’s our PILGRIM.

Featuring a purposeful hand-picked hybrid setup with 1 customized LSR Dynamic Driver, 2 different types of Balanced Armatures, the PILGRIM provides for authentic Elysian House sonic experience. Coupled with premium aluminium and precision 3D printing for its internal chambers, one can expect perfect consistency with high durability.

Naturally Coherent and Harmonious Sound

PILGRIM is tuned personally by Lee using 2 distinct types of custom-tailored Sonion Drivers to extract the unique strengths of each driver. The aim is to deliver an incredible and harmonious listening experience, achieving technical excellence. The Sonion 2300 for mids ensures a versatile, smooth midrange response, creating a well-balanced, natural sound across various music genres. Complementing this is the Sonion E50 series, a dual ultra-tweeter balanced armature driver. It extends high frequencies with unprecedented technical capabilities, offering clarity and brilliance. A custom 3-way crossover is used. Each frequency band perfectly blends into the next for a smoothly coherent sound.


Instead of using vibrating bone conductors or traditional PET drivers, we took a different approach, developing a custom-made 9.2mm dynamic driver featuring Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) technology. The LSR is capable of reproducing low frequencies that reach an impressive 10 Hz, compared to the standard 20 Hz of traditional PET drivers. This contributes to a strong sub-bass rumble. After numerous stages of R&D, we were able to optimize the size of the LSR to ensure a powerful kick without sacrificing speed in sound delivery. The material (Magnesium-Aluminum alloy) for the diaphragm was also chosen to deliver optimal performance for a prolonged period of time. This design results in remarkably fast, deep, and precise performance with minimal distortion in the output signal, creating a natural and detail-rich full-frequency connection.

Perfectly Consistent

Consistency is one of our greatest focuses for PILGRIM, going the extra mile to ensure impeccable consistency across every single unit. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, our master-crafted internal chambers and sound tubes undergo precision 3D printing, ensuring both structural integrity and quality while providing for minimal signal distortion and accurate phase coherency. Each driver is carefully handpicked to ensure the utmost consistency and standards of performance. Moreover, stringent tests are conducted to ensure that every single driver is within a +/- 1 dB range.

Aesthetic Design

The PlLGRlM lEM's design takes inspiration from the serene topography of knolls, with each subtle and purposeful tier mirroring the gentle, rolling hills.

Unparalleled industrial materials

PILGRIM's shell is crafted from high-quality aluminum, offering the benefit of lightweight durability, while the bores are made from 304 stainless steel known for its corrosion resistance. This combination ensures longevity and maintains the exceptional sound quality you expect.


PILGRIM - The First Path


4 Drivers Hybrid Configuration

1 X 9.2mm LSR DD

1 X Sonion 2300 BA

2 X Sonion E50 BA


3 Way Crossover


LSR Bass Driver

Frequency Response



101db @1khz @100mV


9 Ohms @1khz


Default Silver-Plated Copper Stock Cable