Each Annihilator is meticulously hand-crafted upon order by Mr Lee, Founder of Elysian Acoustic Labs, with a production timeline of approximately two months.

Sale price$3,199.00

Color: Spin Brushed Titanium

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“Look no further, Make No Compromises
Since no one can do it, then let me do it
I will show you what is pinnacle of sound
The true concept of Elysian, the state of maximum enjoyment

This is Annihilator, the anarchy to disrupt a traditional order.
Do not fear it’s greatness, bow down and show acceptance.
Rightful master, second to none.”

-Lee, Founder of Elysian Acoustic Labs

Experience Elysian’s Award Winning House Tuning

Featuring state-of-the-art tribrid set up - 1 Dynamic Driver, 4 Balanced Armatures and 2 Electrostatic Drivers, the ANNIHILATOR provides for a truly intoxicating audio experience. On top of the high performance drivers, ANNIHILATOR is also powered by multiple in-house technologies such as 3D AccuPost System and Dive Pass Module for a meticulous sound positioning and a deep controlled bass.

Latest In-house Technology

1) DiVe Pass System - The only Hybrid IEM in the market with a perfected independent front and back chamber created to not only reduce air pressure but also improve sound clarity, definition and reduce phase misalignment issues.

2) 3D Accupost System - Mastercraft chamber design that presents notes with exact precision positioning and pristine accuracy.

Brand New Designs and Colors

New Era beckons for new material options. Introducing an array of 3, not just 1, options for nozzles - Gold plated copper mirror finish, Spin Brushed Titanium, Stainless Steel that matches coherently with the faceplate.

Experience Sound Without Compromise

No words will be able to describe just how incredible the Annihilator sounds. Whether it is the scale-breaking, record-shattering treble tuning, or the out of body experience with the imaging. It is created to provide the maximum enjoyment for anyone that uses, to stand above the rest, at the pinnacle of sound.

2023 Upgrades


NEW Internal Wiring - Custom strand

UP-OCC Copper and Silver Litz material


NEW Metal Sound Bore Design

IMPROVED Ergonomic Form Factor


3 NEW materials to choose from: Gold-plated Copper Mirror Finish,

Spin-Brushed Titanium,

Stainless Steel


Annihilator - The Only One That Matters

*Each and every piece of Annihilator is handcrafted by Lee himself, Founder of Elysian Acoustic Labs


7 Drivers Tribrid Configuration

  • 1 x Foster Dynamic Driver
  • 2 x Electrostatic Tweeter
  • 4 x Balanced Armature Drivers

4-way Crossover

High Quality Internal Wiring from JAPAN

Advanced Chamber Design

Revolutionary Pentaconn Ear Plug Connector (Developed by NDICS Japan)


DiVe Pass System for Dynamic Driver

(Deep Controlled Bass with zero Dynamic Back vent Phase Cancellation)

3D AccuPost System

(Proprietary Acoustic Chamber made to reproduce Accurate Sound Stage and positioning)

Frequency Response

20hz - 45khz


94db @100mV @1khz


22ohms @ 1khz


Liquid Links MARTINI bundled cable

(Silver Palladium + Copper Gold)